Image Credits

One of the best things about blogging is selecting the right images for each post and page.

Just as I value the copyright in my own written material (you are free to copy my blog features but please credit me and link back to my blog) I aim to give credit for the lovely images I use. The copyright for these always remains with the original creator.

Creative Commons is a great source of free images, although I increasingly go straight to Pixabay as my first port of call.  You can even buy the artist a cup of coffee if you love their work. Another of my valued source is FreeImages. Other photos I purchase from Stockfresh, BigStock or Shutterstock for royalty-free use.

Even when images don’t require a credit to the photographer, I aim to include these where their name is available. Occasionally I use an image without a photo credit. This is usually because I’ve downloaded it from a free source that has supplied it for use without attribution, and no photographer’s name was given. Occasionally, it’s because I’ve taken the photo myself but as my photography skills are somewhat lacking, these examples are few and far between.

So in summary, I always aim to give a link back to the photographer who created the perfect image for my blog. If I have inadvertently used your image without giving the correct attribution, please let us know via so we can credit your name. Thank you.

Image credit: Bertl123/Stockfresh

Front Slider Image Credits: Shutterstock: Production Perig, Dimitar Sotirov, starman963, Africa Studio, Syda Productions

Favicon image credit:

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