Free Braun Healthy Heart App

Braun’s free Healthy Heart app provides essential tools to help track your heart health, set targets for your blood pressure, and share your readings with your doctor. It also provides tips and advice on how to achieve and maintain long-term health goals.

What’s more, the app doesn’t just work with Braun blood pressure monitors but with any other brand.

Braun Healthy Heart App

The Braun Healthy Heart app lets you:

  • Tap in your blood pressure measurements manually after each reading
  • Get instant, smart analysis of your readings based on World Health Organisation guidelines
  • View your readings in graph form to assess how you’re doing visually
  • Filter measurements according to time of day, your mood or activity level
  • Set alerts to remind you to take your blood pressure
  • Share data with your doctor.

As a doctor, I find this invaluable to track and monitor blood pressure results at a glance.I’ve provided easy download links at the end of this post.

If you’re looking for a new blood pressure monitor, Braun is one of the most trusted brands whose accuracy is clinically proven and validated according to standards set by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).


Braun 2The Braun VitalScan 3 (BBP2200) wrist blood pressure monitor is light and portable for on-the-go monitoring. It stores up to 90 blood pressure readings and can detect an irregular heartbeat. You can also average your readings to get an overall picture of your cardiovascular health. It is the wrist monitor I use myself for a quick check during the day.

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Braun 1The Braun ExactFit 5 (BP6200) upper arm blood pressure monitor is the device I use for monitoring my blood pressure at home. It comes complete with two premium cuffs (sizes S/M and L/XL) and is ready to use for any size of arm, and by more than one person. Using a properly-adjusted cuff size will provide the most accurate readings.

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Download the Braun Healthy Heart app here for:

If your blood pressure is raised, self-monitoring is key to maintaining good control.

Click here for advice on choosing a blood pressure monitor to use at home.

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