45 Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Many people with high blood pressure use home remedies to help control their blood pressure. In some cases, this can avoid the need to start medication, or reduce the need for increasing drug doses and additional prescribed treatments.

Natural remedies for high blood pressure

Natural remedies for high blood pressure are effective. I’ve seen patients come off their prescribed blood pressure medicines when they’ve changed their diet and lifestyle habits, lost weight and reduced the causes of stress in their life.

I’m often asked which are the most effective natural remedies for high blood pressure. Different natural remedies work for different people, depending on the underlying cause of their hypertension. Some respond to mineral supplements such as potassium or magnesium if their diet is lacking, some do well with breathing exercises and relaxation therapies, while others prefer to try to herbal medicines such as reishi or hibiscus.

natural remedies high blood pressureNot all approaches work for all people. I’ve therefore scoured the published literature to find results from meta-analyses and systematic reviews for 44 different natural remedies for high blood pressure. These provide the average blood pressure reductions achieved in the greatest number of people.

Where meta-analyses aren’t available, I’ve extracted the results from single randomised controlled trials as the best evidence available for the most effective natural remedies for high blood pressure.

As these are average reductions, some people will find their blood pressure improvements are greater than those quoted, while others will find they are less effective for them, as an individual.

Diet and lifestyle changes tend to produce the most dramatic results in people whose blood pressure is the highest. As your blood pressure reduces down towards the normal range, reductions in blood pressure readings become smaller as your physiology adjusts.

Improved regulation of blood vessel dilation, fluid and salt balance means that once your blood pressure is normalised, it will not reduce further. As a result, the reductions listed below are not necessarily additive, but are indications of the effects recorded in randomised, controlled, clinical trials, when each single approach was compared against placebo.

The most effective natural remedies for high blood pressure, in descending order, based on average systolic blood pressure reductions are as follows.

Click on the links to find out more about each natural remedy and the research which shows how effective it is in lowering a high blood pressure.

Natural Remedies

Average Blood Pressure Reduction

Apply acupressure to Tai Chong point 22/7 mmHg
Take Reishi herbal supplements
  19/10 mmHg
Take Magnesium supplements
18/10 mmHg
Practise Qigong 17/10  mmHg
Drink Hibiscus tea      15/11 mmHg
Eat more ground flaxseed 15/7 mmHg
Eat more grana padano cheese 12/8 mmHg
 Try aromatherapy 12/4 mmHg
Practise transcendental meditation 11/7 mmHg
Take coenzyme Q10 supplements   11/8 mmHg
Quit smoking   9/8 mmHg
Cut back on salt intake 8/4 mmHg
Do deep breathing exercises  9/3 mmHg
Try floatation therapy    8/6 mmHg
Have acupuncture
8/4 mmHg
Drink beetroot juice 7/5 mmHg
Take black cumin seed supplements    7/4 mmHg
Have reflexology  7/5 mmHg
Take regular aerobic exercise 7/5 mmHg
Take vitamin E supplements   7/5 mmHg
Drink cherry juice 7/0 mmHg
Take Spirulina supplements 6/5 mmHg
Lose 3kg excess weight  6/4 mmHg
Take aged garlic supplements 6/4 mmHg
Follow the DASH Diet 6/3 mmHg
Listen to classical or rhythmic music 6/2 mmHg
Go shinrin-yoku forest bathing 6/1 mmHg
Try Mindful meditation     5/11 mmHg
Practise yoga 5/4 mmHg
Take L-arginine supplements    5/2 mmHg
Eat more oily fish  5/0 mmHg
Take lycopene supplements
4/3 mmHg
Take fish oil supplements 
4/3 mmHg
Drink cocoa 4/2 mmHg
Cut back on caffeine 4/2 mmHg
Take vitamin C supplements  4/1 mmHg
Take vitamin D supplements 3/3 mmHg
Invest in the RESPeRATE device  3/2 mmHg
Take hawthorn extracts 3/2 mmHg
Avoid excess alcohol 3/2 mmHg
Increase your intake of potassium 3/1 mmHg
Take calcium supplements  2/1 mmHg
Avoid stress   2/1 mmHg
Drink chamomile tea 2/1 mmHg
Do Relaxation exercises 1/1 mmHg

Select the natural remedy that resonates with you

Some people will thrive when sitting in a forest chanting ‘om’, while others would find this acutely stressful and their blood pressure would rise at the thought of being seen.

Select the natural remedies for high blood pressure which suit your life and philosophy best, and which you are confident you can maintain on a regular basis going forward.

Keep a record of your blood pressure (download a sheet here My Blood Pressure Chart) so you can see how you respond to your chosen approaches.

This record sheet will also help your doctor assess whether or not your blood pressure medication can be reduced.

My book, Overcoming High Blood Pressure, provides 3 different diet, lifestyle, herbal and supplement programs: Gentle, Moderate and Full-Strength, to help bring down your blood pressure fast.

Which natural remedies have worked best for your high blood pressure? Please share your experiences below.

When your blood pressure is raised, self-monitoring is important to maintain good control.

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